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Vidyamala inspires confidence and transformation in those living with pain or difficulty and helps organisations improve team wellbeing and workplace happiness.

Vidyamala is an experienced and insightful speaker, known for her honest and authentic approach

Vidyamala's talks draw on her own personal journey of living with chronic pain and her 25 + years of mindfulness and meditation experience.

She has taught at London’s prestigious UCL as part of their specialist MSc in Pain Management and has delivered keynotes, seminars and workshops for a range of organisations and events covering topics including Mindful Leadership, Empowering Women and Overcoming Adversity. 

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Some of the topics Vidyamala speaks on include:

Overcoming Adversity

Vidyamala’s story has inspired many people to free themselves from the suffering of pain and illness. Her personal journey is one of hope that she shares with humbleness, clarity and humour.

Mind & Heart Training

Do you know your full potential? Vidyamala’s approach draws from the science of mindfulness training paired with ancient Buddhist practices to expand your mind and heart. 

Managing Pain & Illness

Hear from Vidyamala’s evidence-based Mindfulness-based Pain and Illness Management approach that has helped 100,000 people around the world and counting.

Mindful Leadership

As one of the founders of a successful mindfulness organisation, Vidyamala speaks on how compassion and mindfulness can create resilience in the workplace and elevate leadership. 

Living with a Disability

Vidyamala feels passionately about changing perceptions of disability, her work and influence has been recognised by the Shaw Trust Disability Power List for three years running.

Empowering Women

Drawing on her book Mindfulness for Women, Vidyamala addresses the unique set of demands on modern day women and offers simple tools to help them flourish and feel empowered.

Organisations Vidyamala has delivered talks for include:

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Past Events and Keynotes Include:

Rail Wellbeing Live (2023)

Online Talk: 'Living Well with Pain'

Mindful Workplace Community (2023)

Online Talk: 'From Fighting to Flourishing: Managing Chronic Pain in the Workplace'

Wisdom of the Body Online Summit with Sounds True (2019)

Talk: ‘Letting Go of the Struggle – Finding Peace in a Painful Body’

MSc in Pain Management - UCL (2019)

Three lectures on Mindfulness-based Pain Management as a Self-Management Strategy

TY Lee Mindfulness Series, Singapore Management University (2020)

Talk: 'Mindfulness-based Pain Management as a Method to Reduce Suffering and Enhance Happiness and Wellbeing'

What her Clients say

"Vidyamala Burch delivered an inspiring lecture to our students, faculty, and staff at Singapore Management University. We all know that physical exercise is integral to our wellbeing, but it is less well known that mental exercise, or what some call mindfulness, is just as important for any one of us who has ever suffered a counterproductive or self-defeating thought pattern.


Armed equally with the science and experienced knowledge of what she advocates, Vidyamala made a compelling case for the value of meditation in all our lives.”


Elvin T. Lim - Dean, Core Curriculum at Singapore Management University

If you are interested in booking Vidyamala to speak at or lead an event, please get in touch:
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