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"I just wanted to say thank you SO much!

I first found you on Insight Timer after looking for meditation resources during a difficult time in my life. After trying many different meditations, I have found your voice and approach helps me the most.

I take a break and meditate every day. Your "breath based body scan" is SO very helpful. I just wished you could do one for longer. :) Even though I've been using it for years, it still amazes me what I can feel move when I focus and breath!

Thank you, again!"

Insight Timer

Vidyamala has three audio courses available on the Insight Timer app:

Methods for Living with Pain and Illness

(10 sessions of 15 minutes each)

10 Rules For Survival: Mindfulness & Compassion In Challenging Times

(10 sessions of 15 minutes each)

Mindfulness for Managing Long Covid

(7 sessions of 15 minutes each)


Vidyamala teamed up with Tricycle Buddhist Magazine to create a six-module video course called Freeing the Mind When the Body Hurts.

The course uses Vidyamala's six-step BE AWARE method and draws on core teachings of the Buddha about how to manage physical pain and illness.

It's a complete path of training and whole life transformation.

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"The Buddhist teachings shared in the course were not new to me. I’ve also already done a lot to help manage my chronic pain. And yet the course was transformative. Vidyamala’s skillful application of these teachings to the experience of pain and illness was what I had been missing."

"Excellent course guided by an excellent teacher."

"I found this course extremely helpful and well presented, full of practical ideas that can be incorporated into daily life, as well as useful concepts, reflections and meditations. Vidyamala Burch is an inspiring teacher, full of good heart and authenticity, a wonderful role model."
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Sangha Live: Freedom from Struggle

Practices for Living Peacefully with Pain or Illness

In 2023, Vidyamala recorded a four-module course for Sangha Live - an online Buddhist hub. This on-demand course covers key Buddhist teachings on working with pain and illness along with Vidyamala’s unique insights.

Vidyamala has recorded 2 courses for the app: 

Finding Inner Peace

(7 sessions of 15 minutes each)

Managing Pain and Illness with Mindfulness

(7 sessions of 15 minutes each)

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Simple Habit

Vidyamala has designed the signature 7-day Introductory Course to Mindfulness Meditation for the Simple Habit app.  

(7 sessions of 5 minutes each)

Nature of Mind

Vidyamala led a 5 session video masterclass on meditation for the Nature of Mind project.


These explore how to open to the unfolding mystery of life.

(5 sessions of 90 mins each)

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