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You Are Not Your Pain

7th - 12th July, 2024

Vidyamala is excited to be joining this event by live stream. The event is being led by Jon Aaron who is a brilliant Breathworks teacher based in the US along with his wonderful colleague Mary Rothfusz. It will be a residential programme at the magnificent Omega Centre in Rheinbeck near New York. 

The course will go through the You are Not Your Pain programme which is the USA equivalent of Mindfulness for Health. 



Vidyamala is speaking at the upcoming International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM:2024) which will take place in Bangor, Wales between 2nd - 6th August and will focus on 'Mindfulness in a Changing World'.


Vidyamala will also be running a workshop "Lessons from developing the Breathworks HEALS Mindfulness-Based Lifestyle Medicine Programme"

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Save the Date
"Meditation - What's the Point?"

2-Day Workshop

Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th July, 2024

Sit still. Close your eyes. Do nothing. How can this be of benefit to your health, well-being and happiness?

In this 2-day workshop, Vidyamala and Bodhilila will answer how meditation can be of benefit to your health and well-being.

More information to follow soon!


Insight Timer

Vidyamala regularly runs workshops through the Insight Timer app.

To get notified of the next workshop, sign up to Vidyamala’s group on Insight Timer for updates.

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Vidyamala regularly runs workshops with Breathworks.

To be notified of future events please sign up to the Breathworks newsletter at the bottom of the Breathworks website homepage.

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