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4-Week Live Online Course with Sangha Live

April 10, 2023 - May 7, 2023

Through this 4-week, interactive journey, Vidyamala will teach you how to cultivate awareness and kindness, in order to find peace amidst your discomfort.


Join us to learn how to soften your resistance to your pain or illness, and live in a way that is more present, grounded, and loving. 

Sangha Live Aprl 2023

Insight Timer

Vidyamala has three audio courses available on the Insight Timer app.

Methods for Living with Pain and Illness (10 sessions of 15 minutes each)

10 Rules For Survival: Mindfulness & Compassion In Challenging Times

(10 sessions of 15 minutes each)

Mindfulness for Managing Long Covid

(7 sessions of 15 minutes each)

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Simple Habit

Vidyamala has designed the signature 7-day Introductory Course to Mindfulness Meditation for the Simple Habit app.  

(7 sessions of 5 minutes each)

Vidyamala has recorded 2 courses for the app. 

Finding Inner Peace

(7 sessions of 15 minutes each)

Managing Pain and Illness with Mindfulness

(7 sessions of 15 minutes each)


Vidyamala recorded a series of 4 video talks for the Buddhist magazine Tricycle. These explore the Buddhist response to managing pain and illness.

Nature of Mind

Vidyamala led a 5 session video masterclass on meditation for the Nature of Mind project. These explore how to open to the unfolding mystery of life

(5 sessions of 90 mins each)

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