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The Breathworks Mindfulness for Health course was developed by Vidyamala in 2003 and was the first of its kind to use mindfulness approaches in the health and pain management field. Today, the award-winning programme has taught over 100,000 people worldwide and has provided guidance to public health advisory boards, the NHS and medical professionals around the world.


The Mindfulness for Health programme has been designed to be completed as an 8-week course. The course is suitable for anyone suffering with pain, illness, fatigue, or any other long-term health condition. A certified Breathworks teacher will guide a group through eight weekly sessions that will explore mindfulness techniques and tools to ease the suffering associated with pain, fatigue and ill health.

Breathworks runs courses online and face-to-face. Find out more about the 8-week Mindfulness for Health course and book yourself a place here.


Breathworks also hosts masterclassesevents and training for health professionals guided by the Mindfulness for Health concepts.