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Following the great success of previous courses, Vidyamala is back to offer another 28-day course for women, based on her book ‘Mindfulness for Women’, co-authored with Claire Irvin.
This course will teach you how to cultivate awareness and learn the valuable tools of 'responding rather than reacting' to what life throws at you. By following this program you will join a social revolution that starts with your own mind and heart. 
In the course you'll learn how to:
  • Dwell in your body with more peace, self-love and ease

  • Relate to your thoughts and emotions in a creative and helpful way

  • Love yourself and others with compassion and a sense of deep connection

  • Transform your relationships with others and the world around you

  • Become a force for good 

  • Change your mind to change your world

You'll get access to:
  • A daily email from Vidyamala containing practice suggestions, reflections, and exercises

  • Access to eight guided meditations (two per week)

  • Peer support, and guidance from Vidyamala, in a private online community

Comments from previous participants:


Thank you Vidyamala for an amazing course. It has been so great to be part of a community of people practising at the same time & I’ve loved reading other people’s reflections. I’m so grateful I have your emails & the meditations that I can keep coming back to. The compassionate & non-judgemental thread that has weaved its way through this course has been like a warm blanket to me & I feel that will continue to comfort me as I keep practising. Thank you Vidyamala for the kindness you have cast wide through your words as well as a depth of wisdom, I have loved reading & reflecting on your thoughts shared.



I feel I have more understanding of the different aspects of meditation practice and at times when I’ve felt like I was being too earnest- some comments have reminded me to ‘lighten up’ and be joyful, even to laugh at myself (kindly!) I would highly recommend doing the course to women who are struggling with stress and anxiety in their daily life as a way into establishing a time for daily meditation and experiencing the benefits.

Thanks to all the women on the course for your comments and I did feel part of a community learning together. I appreciated your comments and sharing your human struggles.



Thank you Vidyamala for this space. This morning I went for my morning walk and when I got home my son wasn't feeling well - I lay down with him for a 10 min meditation from the course and guided him to not resist but to respond with compassion and after the meditation he got up and said the pain had subsided. So cool I can teach my children these tools!  Feeling gratitude!

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