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Declutter Your Mind, Simplify Your Life, Find Time to 'Be'

Based on the key concepts of Vidyamala’s book Mindfulness for Women.

Multiple demands, too little time, the juggling act to do it all – and be it all – means that women are under unprecedented pressure. Adopting the simple practices in this course can help busy women from all walks of life to feel happier, less stressed and more content.

The Mindfulness for Women Course will teach you how to cultivate awareness and learn the valuable tools of 'responding rather than reacting' to what life throws at you. By following this program you will join a social revolution that starts with your own mind and heart. 

In this course you'll learn how to:

Dwell in your body with more peace, self-love and ease

Relate to your thoughts and emotions in a creative and helpful way

Love yourself and others with compassion and a sense of deep connection

Transform your relationships with others and the world around you

Become a force for good 

Change your mind to change your world

This course gives you access to:

A daily email from Vidyamala containing practice suggestions, reflections, and exercises
Access to eight guided meditations (two per week)
Peer support, and guidance from Vidyamala, in a private online community

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