Here are some links to talks and interviews by Vidyamala both in Buddhist contexts and Breathworks' contexts:

Interviews with Vidyamala
There are a range of radio and television interviews here
Breathworks talks
Vidyamala's life story - given on a Breathworks training retreat
Various talks and led meditations:
Keynote address from 'Mindfulness Now' conference, Bangor University, April 2011


Buddhist talks
Please visit freebuddhistaudio for a range of talks
There are various talks and guided meditations on Vidyamala’s soundcloud account:
Mind the Gap - a talk given at the Sydney Buddhist Centre in Jan 2011 on mindfulness and the importance of choice that awareness brings.

Can Buddhism Survive and Thrive in a Consumerist Materialist World? - a talk given at Manchester Buddhist Centre, May 2011, as part of Buddhism and the Big Questions series

Awareness is Revolutionary
Talk on Worldly winds of pain & pleasure, Dharma talk by Vidyamala Burch