Below are all the different products produced by Vidyamala

mindfulnessforwomenbookMindfulness for Women - declutter your mind, simplify your life, find time to be.

Co-authored with Claire Irvin.

Due for publication Feb 4th 2016 (Piatkus)

Available from Amazon:  




Mindfulness for Health  - a practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring wellbeing.mindfulnessforhealth

Co-authored with Danny Penman (Piatkus, 2013)

This 8-week programme with a CD included is award winning and an amazon best seller.


bmaThis won first prize in the British Medical Association book awards in 2014 in the ‘popular medicine’ category -  clinical books aimed at the general public.




Also available in: Traditional Chinese, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Norwegian, German, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, Czech, Polis


In the USA it is published with the title You are Not Your Pain



livingwellwithpainandillnessIn 2008 she published Living Well with Pain and Illness: using mindfulness to free yourelf from suffering (Piatkus)

This is also available in US English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Marathi, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Spanish and will soon be available in Turkish.



CD of guided exercises from the book (This is a companion product to go with Living Well with Pain and Illness)




mdl-coverThe Art of Mindfulness: Mindfulness in Daily Life - A5 Booklet expanding chapter 17: Mindfulness in Daily Life, complete with pacing diary templates.

****  BEST SELLER  ****
(This is a companion product to go with Living Well with Pain and Illness)


mindful movement


Mindful movement pack expanding chapter 8: mindful movement.
This contains a 64 page booklet, a DVD and 2 x audio CDs containing 6 x 20 minute sequences of guided mindful movements. These contain versions that can be done from lying, sitting or standing.
(This is also a companion product to go with Living Well with Pain and Illness)



phone2 copyOnline Courses:
•    Introduction to Mindfulness
•    Mindfulness for Health

Completed over 8 - 12 weeks with short ten minute sessions of mindfulness training.

The Mindfulness for Health course is based on Vidyamala’s award winning book Mindfulness for Health. We recommend you do it with the support of a world-wide group if possible. But it is also possible to do it on your own.
A collaboration between Breathworks and The Mindfulness Center in Sweden. The meditations are led by Vidyamala and her colleague Sona Fricker.



Vidyamala has also produced led meditation CDs and downloads along with her colleague, Sona Fricker.
All the above products are available through Breathworks.





Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Relief – recorded for New World Music. Meditations with relaxing music. 

Track 1 – Tension Release
Track 2 – Breathing Space
Track 3 – Compassionate Body Scan
Track 4 – Compassionate Breathing Anchor
Track 5 – Open Heart
Track 6 – Connection






Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief – recorded for New World Music. Meditations with relaxing music.

Track 1 – Introduction
Track 2 – posture
Track 3 – Filling your body with light
Track 4 – Saturating your body with the breath
Track 5 – compassionate breath meditation


psychologyofmeditationThe Psychology of Meditation Research and Practice

Edited by Michael A. West

Vidyamala wrote chapter 7: Meditation and the Management of Pain






themindfulnessrevoluationIn 2011 she contributed to  The Mindfulness Revolution, edited by Barry Boyce, pub. Shambala. Vidyamala contributed to Part Three: Mindfulness, Health and Healing


challengingtimesIn 2006, Vidyamala contributed to Challenging Times: stories of Buddhist practice when things get tough edited by Vishvapani, pub. Windhorse Publications. Vidyamala's chapter 'being here' is in Part One: Voices under the section 'when the body fails'.



ISSU articles
This is a source for various articles and reviews of my work ISS



beMindfulOnline newlogo

Be Mindful - Online Mindfulness Course

This online course is produced and run by Wellmind Media in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation, a UK charity for everyone's mental health. The online course is part of the Be Mindful initiative for raising the public awareness of mindfulness and improving the availability of mindfulness training.