Accompanying Meditations

Guided meditations to accompany the book

Chapter 4 ‘Calm Your Body’ Body Scan with Emphasis on the Breath
Chapter 5 ‘Accept Your Body’ Compassionate Body Scan meditation
Chapter 6 ‘Calm Your Mind’ Breathing Anchor meditation
Chapter 7 ‘Have Compassion for your Mind’ Compassionate Breathing Anchor meditation
Chapter 8 ‘Find the Good in You’ Self-Compassion meditation
Chapter 9 ‘Love Other People’ Connection meditation
Chapter 10 ‘Keep Flowing and Loving’ Open Heart meditation
Chapter 11 ‘Less Stressed For Ever’ Three Minute Breathing Space

Extra meditations

Chapter two: The ice cream meditation
Chapter two: Mindfulness exercise - ‘a taste of mindfulness
Chapter nine: Loving Kindness (Metta Bhavana) meditation
Appendix 4: Three Diaphragm Breath Inquiry meditation

popppiesredOther free meditations to try:

One minute breathing space
Five minute breathing space
Tension release meditation
Coffee meditation

For more meditations visit the Vidyamala and Breathworks soundcloud accounts: