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As an advocate for mindfulness in Parliament, I am delighted that this book focuses solely on how women can apply mindfulness to their everyday lives. Vidyamala and Claire recognise that, as women, we can be doubtful at first as to whether this is just adding more to our busy lives and ever-growing to-do list. However, the beauty of this book is that it addresses all of our concerns and speaks our language through its direct approach, solutions and guided practices. It recognizes and addresses the changing roles and identities that all women inevitably encounter over the years and explores the various avenues in which we can allow mindfulness to make a real change to our quality of life. The authors clarify what mindfulness is, how it relates directly to women’s everyday lives and, more importantly, the benefits we can reap by applying the very practical and easy meditations into our daily routine. So sit back and enjoy your personal guide on living a more mindful life.’


In an era of unprecedented social change, this book offers women much needed tools to support us in navigating our lives. It reminds us, too, that as we empower ourselves to relate more skilfully to our inner and outer worlds, we are simultaneously touching and influencing the world around us.’  


In a very busy world with tight schedules, multi-layered stresses and competing demands, mindfulness offers a way of coping with problems large and small. This book gives help and guidance on many different levels, with explanations as to the science and theory of mindfulness and its application through case studies. Directed towards women, it guides the reader on the mindfulness path with kindness and understanding. A must-have on the busy woman’s bookshelf!’


‘Vidyamala and Claire have skilfully found a way to speak to all women. They acknowledge the pressures and challenges facing women and offer practical and ‘doable’ ways of incorporating mindfulness into daily life, with the potential for the practice to go deeper. There is something of benefit in this book for every woman.’

‘At first I wondered why we needed a separate book on mindfulness for women. And truthfully, we could find most of the teachings covered in this book documented in other writings. Then as I read, I found myself being drawn to this quietly compelling and softly inspirational approach to learning mindfulness – written unapologetically by women for women. Vidyamala and Claire have created a practical and comprehensive introduction to mindfulness for those new to the subject and an easy, uncomplicated refresher for existing practitioners. This book reminds us that as women we often face a very specific set of challenges in this world and that as a mindful community of women we can be both individually and collectively strong.’ 

This is the book for which many have been waiting, though they may not have known it. It is the ideal beginner's guide to mindfulness written by two of the most respected and well loved practitioners in the field who understand their subject too deeply to make it complicated. It is invitational, approachable, inspirational, evidence based, and above all thoroughly practical. It takes the fairly familiar basic principles of mindfulness and gives them a thoroughly new twist in simple but profound ways by making them straightforward, attractive and totally relevant to the everyday lives and mind sets of ordinary women from all walks of life (and indeed men if they care to read it).  The simple practicality of the suggestions, such as ten minute meditations, sitting in nature, or 'being with' the boiling of a kettle, are delightfully grounded in the felt experience of real women.  It is a work of sheer genius by practitioners seeped in the profound art and craft of mindfulness. I will be recommending it to everyone I know, including novice participants of the 8 week courses I teach.

‘Mindfulness practice is helpful for everyone, but this intelligent, practical and informative book focuses on its benefits for the modern woman of any age, and the particular issues that may face us, such as over-busyness, stress, lack of confidence, depression and body image issues. We learn that we can bring calm, awareness, compassion and choice to our experience, both in meditation and in daily life.’

‘Mindfulness for Women demystifies meditation techniques and the philosophy of mindfulness that underlies them, aiming to bring a sense of calm and stillness – an “inner compass” for active lives, fostering Being rather than Doing. The combination of Vidyamala’s experience and practicality with Claire’s excited discovery of using mindfulness makes a joyful combination. Evidence, examples, strands of self-compassion, plenty of exercises and challenges: all are infused with the same generosity of spirit that the book will help women to cultivate.