Mindfulness for Health

Pink flowersVidyamala’s speciality is using mindfulness and compassion to manage pain and Long-term Health conditions (LTC). This is based on her own experience of severe spinal pain since 1976 when she first injured her back in a lifting accident.

Vidyamala started running mindfulness courses in 2001 and went on to co-found Breathworks in 2004. Breathworks is now a world-leading organisation in the field of mindfulness for health conditions with teachers offering the Breathworks programmes in over 25 countries.  

Vidyamala has produced a number of books and audio CDs/downloads offering her approach to others. She has done this in the hope that others will get relief from their suffering as she knows how difficult it can be to live a meaningful life with compromised health.

Her first book was ‘Living Well With Pain and Illness – using mindfulness to free yourself from suffering’ was published in 2008 (Piatkus). This is a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to her approach and has been translated into a dozen languages.

In 2013 she co-authored ‘Mindfulness for Health - a practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring wellbeing’. This was written with Danny Penman. In this book she takes the ideas from Living Well with Pain and Illness and creates an accessible, easy-to-follow eight week programme with a CD/audio downloads of guided meditations for each week.

If you are interested in practising Vidyamala’s approach then she recommends you follow the course in her award-winning book Mindfulness for Health. You can do this in a number of ways depending on your circumstances.

The list below lists the highest level of input at the top right down to ‘self-guided’ options at the bottom:

•    Face-to-face group course with a teacher
•    Online course with a virtual group and facilitator
•    Online course on your own
•    Book-based course  - working your way through the book with accompanying CD or downloads.

Vidyamala recommends you use her other materials as back-ground reading and opportunities for longer meditations when you feel ready.


mindfulnessforhealthMindfulness for Health  - a practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring wellbeing.
Co-authored with Danny Penman (Piatkus, 2013)

This 8-week programme with a CD included is award winning and an amazon best seller.bma

This won first prize in the British Medical Association book awards in 2014 in the ‘popular medicine’ category -  clinical books aimed at the general public.

Also available in: Traditional Chinese, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Norwegian, German, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish.


Guided meditations to accompany the book

Chapter 4 ‘Wild Horses’ - Body Scan
Chapter 5 ‘You are Not Your Thoughts’ - Breathing Anchor
Chapter 6 ‘Learning to Respond, Rather than React’ - Compassionate Acceptance
Chapter 7 – Watching your Suffering and Stress Dissolve –
Chapter 8 – The Pleasure of Small Things - Treasure of Pleasure
Chapter 9 – The Tender Gravity of Kindness - Open Heart
Chapter 10 – You are Not Alone - Connection
Chapter 11 – Life Lives Through You - Three Minute Breathing Space

Other free meditations to try:

One minute breathing space
Five minute breathing space
Tension release meditation
Coffee meditation

For more meditations visit the Vidyamala and Breathworks soundcloud accounts:


youarenotyourpainIn the USA it is published with the title ‘You are Not Your Pain









livingwellwithpainandillnessIn 2008 she published Living Well with Pain and Illness: using mindfulness to free yourelf from suffering (Piatkus)

This is also available in US English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Marathi, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Spanish and will soon be available in Turkish.






Products that expand the material in Living Well with Pain and Illness:

livingwellwith CDcoverCD of guided exercises from the book (This is a companion product to go with Living Well with Pain and Illness)





artofmindfulness CDcoverThe Art of Mindfulness: Mindfulness in Daily Life - A5 Booklet expanding chapter 17: Mindfulness in Daily Life, complete with pacing diary templates. BEST SELLER
(This is a companion product to go with Living Well with Pain and Illness)






mindfulmovement CDcoverMindful movement pack expanding chapter 8: mindful movement.
This contains a 64 page booklet, a DVD and 2 x audio CDs containing 6 x 20 minute sequences of guided mindful movements. These contain versions that can be done from lying, sitting or standing.
(This is also a companion product to go with Living Well with Pain and Illness)